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Pink Gin
Gin Rose de Montréal

Seeing life through rose-coloured glasses

Cranberry and rhubarb are two herbs that we love to use at our distillery given their incredible freshness and acidity.

After a light fermentation, the rhubarb macerates in an alcohol base before being double distilled in our Charentais alembic still. We then infuse it with Quebec cranberries and hibiscus flowers, which colour the gin.

Our Rosemont Gin Rose Pink Gin is a vitaminized gin with energizing flavours. Its expressive nose is both floral and fruity. On the palate, its slightly tangy and sweet notes awaken the taste buds, while the hibiscus flowers provide a delicate sweetness.

Our pink gin makes a fantastic gin and tonic and is the perfect dash of colour to brighten your evenings.




Cranberries, rhubarb, juniper berries, hibiscus karkade flowers
40 % alc./vol. • 750 ml