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Baba au Rhum

It's a piece of cake!

Rosemont Baba au Rhum is made with our Pineapple Rum, which is distinguished by its fruity sweetness and floral accents. It is enhanced with currants previously infused in a cane sugar rum, then pressed. This nectar is partially distilled before being put in vats. We add a touch of homemade cane sugar caramel, then Madagascar vanilla beans that unfold their flavor during a two-to-three-week maceration.

Just like the famous pastry, our Baba au Rhum has gourmet and comforting flavors. Served as a liqueur, it is the perfect accompaniment to coffee, ice cream and desserts.




Gold pineapple from Costa Rica, caramel, pineappleweed, currants, vanilla pods from Madagascar
32,5 % alc./vol. 750 ml