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Blue Agave Spirit
El Chapleau


The name of our Rosement El Chapleau eau-de-vie is a nod to Chapleau street in Montreal, the home of our distillery.

Blue agave is a plant native to Mexico that is widely used in manufacturing tequila. To produce our eau-de-vie, we use organic blue agave from the Oaxaca region. But the real magic happens on rue Chapleau, within our distillery’s walls and in the hands of our talented distiller. The blue agave is fermented at low temperature in our fermentation tanks before being double distilled in our Charentais alembic still. The resulting heart is aged in vats for several months.

Our blue agave spirit is highly fragrant with floral and saline notes. On the palate, it stands out for its complexity, smoothness and long finish. Serve it like tequila, in a margarita or why not in a Chapleau Sunrise. Off you go, to Mexico!




Organic blue agave
43 % alc./vol. • 750 ml